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Secret DC Comics "Signature Editions" hidden among Batman v. Superman polybags

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice henry cavill Polybag signature edition zack snyder

Over the last week some lucky people have been posting pictures online of "Signature Edition" comics hidden amongst the Batman v Superman Polybag variants that are being offered this month at local comic shops. 

The first images we've seen were of Batman Superman #30 signed by the cover artist Kevin Maguire. Very cool indeed! These have been selling on eBay for anywhere between $150-$435! 

We also learned that randomly inserted in the same book are photos of Superman actor Henry Cavill, signed by Batman v. Superman director Zack Snyder. A very cool collectible that any comic fan would be happy to own. 

DC Comics last "secret edition" polybags were included as part of the Harley's Little Black Book variants that came out during the month of December. As usual, DC has refused to comment on the variants, instead letting social media and websites do the talking. 

We'll have to see what other surprises (if any) DC Comics has in store for the rest of the polybagged books which will be released throughout the month of March. 

You can follow the conversation about these covers over at the Collectors Society message board, where the photos at right were originally posted by users Lockford88 and wakinguperik. 


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