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Do you like comics? Buy them on a regular basis, or want to start buying them on a regular basis? Then a Free Pull List with Stadium Comics is the way to go! End the frustration of going into your comic shop only to find the comic books that you wanted are sold out. By setting up a pull list with Stadium – you’ll never miss another issue PLUS you’ll save money while you’re at it! Our subscribers receive the following benefits:

  • No upfront costs to set up your pull list. It’s 100% free!
  • Save 10% off all new comics in your pull section!
  • Never miss an issue!
  • Manage your subscription on-line. Add/Remove comics using our handy on-line forms.
  • Access to our email newsletter which contains valuable info and access to special offers
  • NEW – Weekly personalized emails letting you know what books have come in for you – COMING SOON!
  • NEW – Subscribe to single issue series or TBP/HC Collections!

Ready to get your pull list going? Fill out the form below and get started! You can also come into the store and set up your list in person.

Existing customers, you can use the form below to update your subscription lists! We typically make all changes before new comic pulls happen on Tuesday afternoons. 

Please note – This form is used to add and delete ongoing monthly series and mini-series from your subscription list. To request single issues, variant covers, or back issues, please respond to our weekly email newsletter or email Any request for single issues, variant covers, or back issues made through this form may go unfulfilled. Thanks for your understanding.