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Free Comic Day Online - Saturday May 1 2021

UPDATED 4/30/2021:
We've just finalized our schedule for tomorrow's FREE COMIC DAY Online event and we're so excited to show you what we have planned for you! We're going to tell you what's happening and when, and also how to access our sale items, exclusives, and free books (with purchase), and also where you can watch the live stream of our event and Q&A session!

We're also going to cover a lot of the frequently asked questions about our event. Let's get to the info!
10am Eastern:
It all kicks off at 10am! At that time, our CGC Graded books and our Modern Keys and Variants will go live at We have a couple hundred items that will be available as part of this sale - some of them are quite sought after -  and we're going to be keeping them secret for now! 

All items that are a part of this particular sale will all be made live at 10am Eastern. We won't be revealing them one by one as we have in the past. THESE ITEMS WILL BE VERY LIMITED - many items we just have one available only.

FREE COMICS (with purchase only) will also be made available at 10am. You can add TWO free comics to your order on Sat May 1st. Customers will need to add these to their cart before checking out. Only one order of Free Comics per household for the duration of the event.

We will also be livestreaming some content on our Facebook and YouTube pages at 10am: we'll be discussing the sale, highlighting some really cool items, and just having a chat about Free Comic Day!

12pm Eastern
At 12pm on May 1st we are going to be revealing THREE exclusive, low print run variants that you will be able to pre-order at! All three variants will go live for pre-order at 12pm. On our Facebook and YouTube pages, we will be livestreaming the launch and talking about each of the variants and some of the inspiration behind them. 

We'll also be hosting a live streamed Q&A session with ADAM GORHAM, comic artist for Marvel/IDW/Image/Valiant/Everyone else who is also launching his NEW book The Blue Flame with writer Christopher Cantwell (Halt and Catch Fire). We'll ask Adam about the new book, his career in comics, and his newest Stadium Comics exclusive! (Hint!)

Q. How can I access this online event?
A. Sale items and free comics will go live on at 10am Eastern. Exclusives will go live at 12pm Eastern. This is an ecommerce site that runs on the Shopify platform. Concurrently, we will be live streaming video content related to the event at 10am and 12pm on our Facebook and Youtube pages.

Q. I just want free comics. I don't want to buy anything. 
A. Sorry, due to the nature of this event - a virtual free comic day - we can only afford to ship books to people who are making a purchase from us during the event. This is an event of our own making. The traditional Free Comic Book Day where you can walk into a comic shop and pick up free books without a purchase, has been postponed to August 2021. More details about that event here.

Q. What kind of Free Comics will you be giving away?
A. Free comics will include past exclusive variant covers, #1 issue comics from Marvel & DC, past special edition comics from events like Free Comic Book Day, Halloween Comicfest, Batman Day, and MORE! We will show examples on our Livestream on 5/1!

Q. How many free comics can I add?
You can add a maximum of TWO free bools to your order. Anything over 2 books will be ignored. We want to make sure as many customers as possible get to enjoy free stuff!

Q. Can I pick the free comics I want?
A. No, they will be selected at random for you. 

Q. Will free comics be sent automatically with each order?
A. No, you will need to add your Free Comic(s) to your order manually. The free comic item will be on our frontpage at on 5/1. You can add up to TWO free books with your order, and only one order of Free Comics are permitted per household. 

Q. I am making multiple orders. Can I add free comics to each order?
A. Only one order of free comics will be permitted per household. Any additional orders will not be filled and will be ignored. 

Q. I had an item in my cart and when I went to checkout, it was out of stock - what happened?
A. Due to the nature of our sale, items are EXTREMELY limited! Some things we only have one copy of. This means, you gotta be fast! Only having a confirmed checkout guarantees that you will get that item. Just holding an item in your shopping cart is not enough. Please don't take it personally if you don't get the item you want. Let's just have fun!!

Q. Can I combine shipping on multiple orders?
A. If you make multiple orders, you can email us at after the sale to request combining orders. This is a bit cumbersome and will delay your shipment but we will do our best to accommodate these requests. You will need to pay shipping on each order you make up front. 

We will not combine orders from our CGC/Variant Sale at 10am with orders from our Exclusive Variant sale at 12pm. The items in the first sale we have in stock and will be shipped in the near future. The exclusive variants are pre-orders and won't be available until later. 

We will not combine orders from this sale with any existing pre-orders or any other order you have waiting to be shipped out, due to the complexity and extra handling involved in making that happen. 

Q. What currency are you using on your site?
A. All orders will be processed in USD. 

Q. Will Adam be taking commissions during the Q&A?
A. No. We will just be doing a chat/Q&A session with Adam. If Adam is doing private commissions outside of our event, we will be sure to inform people how to get a hold of him during the stream. We invite you to ask Adam whatever's ion your mind during the stream! 

Q. When will my order ship?
If all items in your order are in-stock, we will try our best to have your order in the mail by May 17th. If you added items to your order that are pre-orders and not yet in-stock, then your order will ship when those pre-ordered items arrive. All our orders ship in sturdy boxes packed with bubble wrap. You will receive a tracking number once the order ships. 

Q. What countries do you ship to?
A. US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Australia.

Q. I have a question not answered here!
A. Tune into our livestream starting at 10am on 5/1 and we will try to answer your question then! 
Posted 4/23/21:
Ah, the first Saturday in May. What was once the most awesome day of the year to be in a comic shop has once again been postponed by the pandemic.

We aren't going to let that get us down. For the second year in a row, we will be hosting FREE COMIC DAY ONLINE on Saturday May 1st, LIVE on Facebook and Youtube, and!

And the whole world is invited!
Streaming direct to you on Facebook Live and YouTube on May 2nd, Free Comic Day Online will do it's best to make your self-isolation a little bit more bearable!
Last year's event was a huge success, and we're hoping to bring more of the spirit of the day into your homes on Saturday May 1st. 

We're currently digging through our warehouse to bring a bunch of really awesome offers and deals to you for our event. Here's what we've got planned so far. More details will be announced soon!
Each customer who shops with us online on Saturday May 1st will have the ability to add FREE COMICS to their order absolutely free of charge with no additional shipping costs! We are prepared to give away a TON of free books. 

Free comics will include past exclusive variant covers, #1 issue comics from Marvel & DC, past special edition comics from events like Free Comic Book Day, Halloween Comicfest, Batman Day, and MORE! We'll have some examples to show soon. 

We’re putting together an awesome online sale featuring all of the great stuff you expect to buy from Stadium Comics. There will be a scheduled live-stream sale at featuring:
  • CGC Graded Comics
  • Variants and Modern Key Issues
These items will be very limited in quantity and you'll want to act FAST to get the items you want! 

We will also be debuting and starting pre-orders on one, possibly TWO Stadium Comics store exclusive variant covers! We'll announce the covers and titles LIVE in real time, and start taking pre-orders right away on!

The schedule for the day's events is in the works now. Keep checking our website, emails, and social media channels for more information as we get closer to May 1st!