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We are transitioning to a new pull list system!

Thanks for your patience while we switch things over.We have all the pull list info from saved, and if you’d like to make any additions or changes to your current pull list, please use the form below and tell us which titles you’d like to add or remove.

**UPDATE 12/11 – We have our new system and we are busy importing all our data. Look for the new system to be up and running for JANUARY 1ST! Thanks for your patience :)

Also, if you’re new to our store and would like to sign up for a NEW pull list, you can do that using the form below as well. Just let us know which titles you’d like to receive each time they come out.

Thanks again!

Make any pull list changes using this form:

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What titles would you like to add to your pull list?

What titles would you like to remove from your pull list?


2 Responses

  1. Kyle Mojica says:

    You guys are doing great :D keep it up!

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