Stadium Comics and Humber College present the HSF Comic Expo!

Published by Kevin on March 12th, 2014 - in Events, News, Store News

We can finally talk about something we’ve been working on for quite some time!

Sterling Archer, voiced by H Jon Benjamin

Sterling Archer, voiced by H Jon Benjamin

Stadium Comics has partnered with Humber College and the Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) to bring you the first ever HSF Comic Expo! The event will run Wednesday March 19th at Humber Lakeshore, and Thursday March 20th at Humber North, from 11am-3pm both days.

The HSF Comic Expo is the first event of its kind in Ontario – providing students with a weekday comic-con experience for free! We will be bringing a unique mix of vendors and comic creators to help bring pop culture to the students of one of Canada’s largest Colleges.

And the Humber Students’ Federation has arranged for a special guest for the day – Actor/Comedian H. Jon Benjamin who you may know as the voice actor for Sterling Archer on FX’s Archer, Bob Belcher on Fox’s Bob’s Burgers, and creator of the Comedy Central series Jon Benjamin Has a Van. He’ll be signing autographs and doing a Q and A session at both campuses!

The Humber Students’ Federation will also be holding a Cosplay Contest open to Humber students, with the grand prize being a brand new X-BOX ONE!

Vendors at the show include Stadium Comics (naturally), We’ve Got Games for all things video game related, and Teddy n’ Me who will be bringing the latest in Trading Card Games and Board Games. JUST will be there offering their amazingly cool t-shirts!

H Jon Benjamin

H Jon Benjamin

Comic Creators joining us include:

  • From a Hat Studio – Paris Alleyne, Jahnoy Lindsay, Matt Simas, Te’Shawn Dwyer
  • Spent Pencils Studio – 12 artists in total!
  • Breaking Lead Studio – Rob Thibodeau, Nik Zezos, Andrew Armelin, Vincent Marchesano
  • Black Hole Hunters Club – Ricky Lima and Shane Heron
  • Identity Productions – Damien Murphy and Rebecca Bakels Murphy
  • Uys Faber Comics
  • Mike Rooth
  • Dan Solenberg
  • Marvin Law
  • Adam Gorham
  • James Edward Clark

Thanks to the Humber Students’ Federation for helping to put the event together, and big thanks to the creators and vendors who are helping to make this a reality. For the latest information, please visit or follow the HSF on twitter.

12 Responses

  1. Andrew W says:

    Why wouldn’t you run this on a weekend so people not in class/not at work can attend? =(

  2. Rob says:

    Can Alumini attend this?

  3. Amanda says:

    Are vendor passes still available?

  4. Johnny says:

    What time is the QA?

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Johnny all questions about H Jon Benjamin should be directed to the HSF either on their Facebook page or by twitter, as they are taking care of all of the details for that portion of the show. Hope to see you there!

  5. Anthony says:

    How much is it to attend this Q&A and if I go to guelph humber, can I attend?

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