Man of Steel Fundraiser for a monument to Jeffery Baldwin

Published by Kevin on February 9th, 2014 - in Events, News

SR-MOS-BenefitOur friends at the Stirling Room in Toronto’s distillery district will be hosting the Man of Steel Gala and Silent Auction on Saturday March 1st 2014. This is in support of a very worthwhile cause to build a permanent monument to the memory of Jeffery Baldwin, who loved to pretend he was Superman. Please lend your support if you are able! Here are the details:

The Jeffrey Baldwin story is widely considered to be the most notorious case of child abuse in Toronto history. It has touched people far beyond the city’s borders. Jeffery died on November 30, 2002 of pneumonia, septic shock and complications from chronic starvation while in the care of his maternal grandparents, who had been named his guardians. Weighing just 21 pounds, Jeffery was unable to lift his own head in the days leading up to his death.

When Jeffrey was a toddler, before he was taken from his parents, he was very energetic and loved Superman, jumping off chairs trying to fly. Our mission is to raise funds in order to erect a life size bronze memorial statue in the image of Jeffrey wearing his Superman costume.

Jeffrey’s statue will be constructed in a manner to allow children to interact with. This will in a sense, allow children to play with Jeffrey, a neglected, abused child that was prevented from having any friends to play with himself during his short life. Jeffrey was a vulnerable little boy who deserved so much more than what he got.  Our statue will honour Jeffrey, a boy who never had a chance to grow up.

An illustration of what the monument will look like

An illustration of what the monument will look like

This memorial will become a centerpiece tribute within Greenwood Park, Toronto.  It will be a symbol to everyone about how important it is to be diligent about reporting suspected instances of child abuse to prevent another needless death such as Jeffrey’s.

Please join us for the Man of Steel Gala and Silent Auction benefiting the memorial initiative in honour of Jeffrey Baldwin on Saturday March 1, 2014 -7:00 pm at Stirling Room.

All proceeds from this fundraiser will be donated to this initiative.

Tickets $30.00 in advance $35.00 at the door. For more information and to purchase tickets contact

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  1. Todd Boyce says:

    Thanks for your support! The gala was a terrific success raising $10,000 for Jeffrey’s monument. Acclaimed artist Ruth Abernethy [] has begun working on the statue. Estimate the unveiling event will occur Saturday Sept 27th at Greenwood Park, Toronto.

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